size/techniqueone portrait head& shoulderone portrait full bodytwo people head& shouldertwo people full bodythree people head& shoulderthree people full bodyfour people head& shoulderfour people full body
9"x12" oil on canvas£115£135
11"x14" oil on canvas£145£165£185
12"x16" oil on canvas£155£175£195
16"x19" oil on canvas£175£195£205£225
24"x30" oil on canvas£250£270£270£290£290£310£310£340
5"x 9" pencil on paper£35£55
8"x11" pencil on paper£45£65£65£85£85£105£105£125

Please remember that these are guide prices, if you have a complex background or are wearing very detailed clothes will be a surcharge.