About Me


I am just an artist passionate about realistic portraits.
A portrait is always challenging – always different and never boring. Is a projection of the soul, hard to achieve , but extremely satisfying, nonetheless.
I have many years of experience of portrait painting and drawing. My artworks are in personal collection in UK, America, Germany, Greece, France.

I’ve always loved the experience of losing myself in thought and diving into the world of art and imagination. This creative introspection allows me to illustrate the exceptional beauty of everyday life and this is what makes my artwork lovable.

Throughout my career, I’ve accumulated a vast repertoire of artistic techniques that have allowed me to better illustrate my intentions as an artist. My aim is to create unforgettable works and to share with people.

I have been featured in prominent art galleries and exhibitions in America, Germany, Romania and France.

As a result of my education and experience, my finely tuned mixed media techniques encompass numerous art forms such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, pen and ink, graphite.

I believe that my constant interest about realistic art is what has allowed me to develop into the artist I am today.


Anne Tognaq